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Revenue and Capital Budgets - 2019/20

Joint report of the Chamberlain, the Director of the Built Environment and the Director of Open Spaces.


The Committee considered a joint report of the Chamberlain, the Director of the Built Environment and the Director of Open Spaces detailing the annual submission of the revenue and capital budgets overseen by the Planning and Transportation Committee. The report sought approval to the latest revenue budget for 2018/19 and provisional revenue budget for 2019/20, for subsequent submission to the Finance Committee.


A Member questioned the budget reductions associated with an increase in Indigo enforcement costs given that the organisation had only recently engaged Indigo.


The Chamberlain responded by stating that increases here were attributable to increases in London Living Wage and inflation. The Director of Transportation and Public Realm added that he believed that there had also been an increase in the number of enforcement officers provided by Indigo.


She went on to speak on the increased budget due to ‘Sculpture in the City’ costs and stated that it was important to bear in mind not only the basic costs associated with this but also the value of the exhibits that were on public display. The Chamberlain clarified that this was something that had already been committed to and was now part of the expected City offering.


Another Member requested that the wording of the resolution be amended so that it was clear that this Committee were not approving the report but, instead, recommending it to the Finance Committee for formal approval.


Another Member questioned why no budget increase had been apportioned to street lighting. The Chamberlain clarified that street lighting was a Capital Project and was not therefore featured here as the main report dealt with revenue. He added that the project had commenced in 2017/18, but that the bulk of the costs would be seen for the next 3 years as depicted in appendix 6 of the report.


RESOLVED – That, the Committee:

·         Note the latest 2018/19 revenue budget;

·         Agree that the provisional 2019/20 revenue budget reflects their objectives and recommend the budget for submission to Finance Committee for formal approval;

·         Approve the draft capital budget;

·         Approve the draft 50-year Bridges’ Repairs, Maintenance and Major Works Fund budgets and the consequent required contributions;

·         Agree the budget virement of the Department of Built Environment Directorate Team from Port Health Committee to Planning Transportation Committee;

·         Agree additional funding of £78,000 in 2019-20, which is over and above the resource base and relates to flood risk and future resilience, to be drawn down from the un-ringfenced government grant provision for Lead Local Flood Authorities, subject to agreement of Resource Allocation Sub and Policy & Resources Committee;

·         Delegate to the Chamberlain any minor budget changes required from the completion of the asset verification exercise; and

·         Authorise the Chamberlain to revise budgets in respect of recharges.



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