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Academic Assurances

Report of the Principal.


Governors considered the report of the Principal on academic assurances.


Arising from comment and discussions, the following was raised:-


·         In response to a request for a further Board member to serve on the Academic Assurance Working Group, Ann Holmes put herself forward for this role. 


·         A Governor suggested amendments to section 5.5 of the annual report (point 10) to include a reference to ‘if so, how they might be addressed’; and to appendix F (Ethnicity – paragraph 2) to include a reference to ‘BAME’





(a)  Ann Holmes be appointed as a member of the Academic Assurance Working Group;   


(b)  the contents of the Academic Board Annual Report 2017/18 and suggested amendments outlined above be noted; and


(c)   authority be delegated to the Town Clerk, in consultation with the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Board, to confirm that the academic assurance statement can be made following advice received from members of the Academic Assurance Working Group.   

Supporting documents:


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