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Healthwatch City of London Annual Report 2017/18 and update

A report of the Chair of Healthwatch City of London.


The Board received a report from the Chair of Healthwatch City of London (HW CoL) relative to the Annual Report 2017/18 and an update in respect of Healthwatch City of London activity.


The Healthwatch Executive Director advised the Board that since 1 April 2018, when the Healthwatch City of London contract was awarded to Healthwatch Hackney, Healthwatch City of London board members who wished to continue with the organisation had been in discussion with their Healthwatch Hackney colleagues about the future governance arrangements. It was noted that it had not been an easy start to the new arrangements, with a restructure of staff and development of a delivery plan with the Commissioners.  The Executive Director explained that it was important that HW CoL continued to remain a separate entity from Healthwatch Hackney so the City’s priorities for the coming year were clear. There should also be a greater emphasis on focussed delivery over the coming months.


In respect of delivery, it was noted that HW CoL had been present at three community events since October. However, the HW CoL representatives only spoke to six people, thus highlighting the need for more effective public engagement. 42 people had attended the AGM on 4 October 2018, aiding development of the Healthwatch priorities. Following a staffing restructure and with key people now in place, as well as the appointment of two new Board Members, it was noted that HW CoL was developing its own identity and this would further develop with the appointment of Board Associates.


There was a brief discussion regarding the current and future budget position and reference was made to the GP/patient ratio with some concern expressed that people were struggling to get GP appointments.  Whilst it was noted that there had not been a deterioration in services provided by Healthwatch since the introduction of the new arrangements, and it was important not to duplicate the work of the Commissioners, Members were keen to receive a future update report setting out deliverables in the City and an overview of the new Communications Strategy which was expected to be in place by January.



(i)            the Healthwatch City of London Annual report 2017/18 be noted;

(ii)           the update on Healthwatch City of London activity be noted; and

(iii)          an update report about Healthwatch City of London be submitted to the next meeting of the Board.




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