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Draft City of London Transport Strategy

A report of the Director of the Department of the Built Environment.


The Board received a report of the Director of the Department of the Built Environment (DBE) relative to the draft City of London Transport Strategy which was considered, as part of a widespread consultation exercise, by the Planning and Transportation Committee on 30th October 2018.


It was noted that the department had commenced consultation activities engagement activities to gain an understanding of concerns regarding walking and transportation in the City. The aim was to make walking safer and more comfortable in order to encourage physical activity. The following outcomes were being considered: (i) increasing accessibility; (ii) implementation of a 15-mph speed limit to create a calmer and more comfortable environment; (iii) addressing the conflict between cyclists and pedestrians and encouraging more people to cycle; and (iv) improving air quality within the City given that the City is above the national guidelines for NO2 and exploring the potential to introduce 0 emission zones.


Whilst Members agreed that the Strategy provided a positive focus on health and wellbeing, some concern was expressed regarding the rationale for the introduction of a 15-mph speed limit as there was not a straight-line association between collisions and speed-limits. It was suggested that appropriate data and evidence should be provided to justify why such a limit would have a tangible impact. In noting that the Bank Junction Scheme had been successful in reducing traffic in that area, a query was raised regarding the impact on the London Ambulance Service and how road traffic delays impacted, in general, on their operation.


All those present were encouraged to review and comment on the draft City of London Transport Strategy on-line at .


RESOLVED – That the report be noted.

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