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Defibrillators - verbal update

To receive a verbal update on defibrillators.


The HR Health and Safety Manager provided Members of the Board with an update following a recent survey which identified defibrillator locations in the City, including schools, markets, the Barbican and Guildhall and highlighted recent use of defibrillators in four locations, including Hampstead Heath and Smithfield Market.


Members emphasised the importance of ensuring that people were aware of defibrillator locations (i.e. within the City’s housing stock) and appropriate arrangements were in place to ensure that the equipment was routinely checked and maintained.  The Director of Community and Children’s Services acknowledged the points raised by Members and commented that a more detailed report would be submitted to a future meeting of the Board.   



(i)            the update be noted; and

(ii)           a further report be submitted to a future meeting of the Board outlining the location of debfibrillators across the City’s housing stock, the maintenance and monitoring processes in place and any aspects of good practice arising from the survey.   



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