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Proposed Hampstead Heath Management Strategy 2018-2028

Report of the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath.


Members considered a report of the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath concerning the proposed Hampstead Heath Management Strategy 2018-2028 and the following comments were made:


·         Members were advised that the strategy had been developed with intense scrutiny including consultation with key stakeholder groups and incorporated the views of the HHCC.


·         It was noted that the strategy fully aligned with the Departmental Business Plan and the Corporate Plan.


·         The Superintendent advised Members that an online survey had been set up to capture further feedback and 80% of those that completed the survey were happy with the alignment of the vision.


·         A Member suggested changing the format to map themes and priorities with the Corporate Plan to reflect the alignment and to add a paragraph stating that the new Corporate Plan in five years would also align with the strategy.


·         A Member noted that issues with a conflict of interest, e.g. cyclists and pedestrians, was discussed at the last HHCC meeting and it was agreed that the process to deal with these issues would be that they would be brought to the HHCC and HHHWQPC for discussion and decision over how the conflict is resolved.


·         Following a query from a Member regarding how the team would measure success, Members were advised that a baseline to measure outcomes was in development and would come to the Committee next year.


·         In response to comments concerning the link to the Corporate Plan, Members were advised that the link was not explicit as the strategy covered 10 years and would require a mid-term review after five years, but that the four themes aligned with the outcomes of the strategy. Members agreed that a golden thread was needed to align the strategy with the Corporate Plan and it was recommended that the mid-term review sentence be extended to incorporate this.


·         The Committee approved the strategy subject to changes concerning the golden thread and specific measurements. 


RESOLVED - That Members approved the proposed Hampstead Heath Management Strategy 2018-2028.

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