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Review of projects within the Built Environment Directorate

Report of the Director of the Built Environment.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of the Built Environment proposing a review and prioritisation of transportation and public realm projects within the Department of the Built Environment (DBE) in order to better utilise available funds to deliver corporate priorities and enable continued development to support economic growth.


The Assistant Director City Public Realm informed Members that additional information regarding the Pre-Project Proposals listed in Table D as requested by the Chairman of the Projects Sub Committee had been tabled. He clarified that this information related to projects that were not yet at the formal project stage but that would be archived for the time being with these being revisited if the opportunity to do so or additional funding should arise.


He went on to remind Members that they had previously requested the prioritisation of these projects in accordance with emerging Corporate policies. Officers were now looking to Members to approve the methodology if the approach.


Members were informed that the report also proposed a spending plan for S106 funds that complies with the terms of the agreements which generated the funds and mitigates the impacts of the related developments. 


The Chairman thanked Officers for the huge amount of work that had gone in to drawing this information together.


A Member stated that he was very pleased to received the additional information (tabled) but highlighted that some of the projects listed here, such as the Christ’s Hospital Artwork, had already been delivered by other means. The Assistant Director City Public Realm undertook to review and amend the table accordingly.


A Member asked for further information as to the origin of some of the points raised within the table provided for additional information.


A Member questioned how some of the larger, corporate projects such as the relocation of the Museum of London would be incorporated. The Assistant Director City Public Realm stated that Officers were cognisant of these larger projects which were referenced at Table F.


RESOLVED – That Members:

1.    Agree the project prioritisation approach outlined in this report (paragraphs 15-18);

2.    Agree that those projects which are fully funded by S278 monies (Table A), have Gateway 5 approval (Table B), are fully funded by Bridge House Estate (Table C) or are fully funded by S106 monies (Table E), fall outside the scope of this review;

3.    Agree the allocation of S106 monies as set out in Table E (Appendix 3) and allocate any additional funding associated with the specified S106 agreements as a result of interest or indexation in accordance with Table E;

4.    Note that the funding allocation set out in Table E (Appendix 3) is committed to the projects identified and will be transferred to project budgets upon Member approval of individual project reports via the Gateway approval process;

5.    Agree to the archiving of 43 pre-project proposals (at Gateway 0) from the Project Vision system as set out in Table D;

6.    Note that a forthcoming report will be brought to Committees in Quarter 1, 2019 which will outline a list of current projects to be continued, reduced in scope or stopped, for Members’ approval;

7.    Note that a ten-year plan of future prioritised projects,to be reviewed annually, will be appended to the forthcoming report (described in recommendation 6).





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