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Lane Rental

Report of the Director of the Built Environment.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of the Built Environment regarding Lane Rental.


The Assistant Director (Highways) reported that this report had been requested by Members following wider government discussions on this matter. He added that whilst there were clearly some intuitive benefits around Lane Rental there were some significant disbenefits for the City Corporation. This was not, however, to say that the matter should be totally dismissed and the evolving Transport Strategy would be a good opportunity to keep the matter under review going forward.


The Chairman reported that the Streets and Walkways Sub Committee had been supportive of the recommendations.


A Member suggested that the organisation should continue to be in close discussion with utilities working on the City’s streets and provide incentives for completing works on time. The Assistant Director (Highways) recognised the need for this but also referred to the lobbying power of the utility industry.


In response to a concern regarding specialist materials like granite setts, the Assistant Director (Highways) reported that some materials were held in a depot in the City.


RESOLVED – That, Members agree:

·         that the City work with other highway authorities to establish whether a ‘critical mass’ of Lane Rental streets in Central London can be established (paragraph 12, Option 3);

·         to keep matters under review in conjunction with the aims & objectives of the forthcoming Transport Strategy;

·         that officers continue to identify & promote safe and effective ways of working that help reduce the duration of works on City streets.


Supporting documents:


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