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Guildhall Workplace Utilisation Programme - Smart Working Report

Joint report of the Town Clerk and the City Surveyor.


The Committee considered a report of the Town Clerk and the City Surveyor which sought approval of the six Design Principles which would support the Smart Working programme.


The City Surveyor explained that there would be changes within the project as it moves forward but an equalities assessment would be reviewed as the programme develops to ensure any changes were proportionate.


In response to a Member’s question on feedback, the City Surveyor explained that a staff survey had been conducted and the responses would be reviewed; the Chair asked for the results to be provided to the Committee. The Director of Human Resources replying to the comments made advised there were pilots taking place within Human Resources and the Department of the Built Environment of flexible and agile working with local consultation of what works best and those discussions would be fed back to the Smart Working Group.


Members observed that it would be useful for them to have a walkaround as the programme develops.


A Member noted that an Agile Working programme also seemed to be taking place explaining that this had been reported at a different Committee meeting, in response the City Surveyor explained that he was not aware of the Agile Working programme and would look into this.


RESOLVED – That the Committee:


a)    Note the report; and

b)    approve the six Design Principles to support the Smart Working programme.

Supporting documents:


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