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Pet Cleaning Stations

Alderman Tim Hailes asked a question of the Chairman of the Open Spaces and City Gardens Committee concerning whether consideration could be given to providing pet cleaning stations within the City of London Corporation’s Open Spaces.


Responding, the Chairman of the Open Spaces and City Gardens Committee advised that the Corporation’s Open Spaces were already very dog friendly with initiatives such as the Great Hampstead Bark Off, Hounds on the Heath, sponsored dog walks, and events to encourage microchipping of dogs. Following the recent introduction of the City of London Corporation (Open Spaces) Act 2018, the Corporation can now licence commercial activity within its Open Spaces and can pursue amenities such as that suggested by the Alderman. The Chairman advised that consideration at Committee would be given as to whether pet cleaning stations could be included as part of the proposals to enhance the service provided to visitors to the Open Spaces.  


Renovation for Crescent’s House windows

William Pimlott asked a question of the Chair of the Policy and Resources Committee seeking a commitment for renovations to Crescent House be carried out prior to those at Mansion House.


In response, the Chair of the Policy and Resources Committee confirmed that ensuring the quality of living arrangements for tenants was a priority for the City Corporation. The Chair explained that the responsibility for the works at Crescent House resided with the Community and Children’s Services Committee and she was therefore unable to provide the Member with the commitment sought. However, the Chair advised that she had taken a personal interest in the Golden Lane Estate and one of her early actions as Chair was to visit the Estate where she had been concerned by the lack of progress with regards to the renovations. The Chair had subsequently kept an eye on progress and had undertaken a site inspection in October 2018 with the Town Clerk to monitor progress. The Chair provided assurance that the works were high on the agenda for the City Corporation and this was a matter which was being taken extremely seriously. The Chair added that the Chairman of the Community and Children’s Services Committee would be happy to discuss the programme of works in more detail with the Honourable Member and explained that the works to Mansion House which has thousands of people working there each day, were also necessary.


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