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Any Other Business that the Chairman Considers Urgent


On urgent items relating to the Board’s work the following was raised:-


Proposed Summer Enrichment Programme

The Board received an update from the Director of Community and Children’s Services on a proposed Summer Enrichment Programme which had just been endorsed by the Policy & Resources Public Relations and Economic Development Sub-Committee. A short note was tabled for the Board’s attention. The Board agreed in principle to endorse the programme subject to discussions between officers, the Chamberlain and Town Clerk with respect to funding arrangements. The Board also requested that a full report, with funding detail and evaluation proposals included, be brought to the March Away Day as a special item for approval.



C4 Festival

The Chairman highlighted that the Career’s Festival in June currently clashes with a room booking for the Planning & Transportation meeting. It was requested that the Town Clerk ensure that the Livery Hall is made available on 17-18 June 2019 for the purposes of the Career’s Festival.



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