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Report of the Town Clerk.


The Board considered the Town Clerk’s report on outstanding actions.


The following matters were raised:-


·         The recommendation in item 2/2018/P would be raised at the upcoming COLAT Board meeting and a verbal report to the Education Board would be provided at the Board’s March Away Day.


·         On item 3/2018/P the Board was informed that the drafting of a guidance note had commenced. The final version would be emailed to the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Education Board once completed, and following their approval shared with the Chairmen of Governors across the City Corporation’s sponsored academies.


·         On item 7/2018/P, it was requested that the applications from academies on proposed interventions using the 2019/20 City Premium Grant be considered at the May 2019 Board meeting. It was requested that the City Premium Grant applications for the following academic year be submitted to every May Board s a regular item.


·         Reports on items listed within 12/2018/P would be brought to the July 2019 Board.


·         On item 13/2018/P, it was requested that the evaluation report of the interventions funded by the City Premium Grant for the previous academic year be submitted to every November Board as a regular item. Item 7/2018/P was assumed into item 13/2018/P.


·         Item 14/2018/P be assumed into item 12/2018/P.


·         Item 15/2018/P was to go to the March 2019 Court.


·         Item 16/2018/P on School Places Demand Projections Report to be submitted to the Board every July.


The following items were deemed complete subject to the above comments: 1/2018/P; 2/2018/P; 3/2018/P; 4/2018/P; 5/2018/P; 6/2018/P; 7/2018/P; 8/2018/P; 9/2018/P; 10/2018/P; 11/2018/P; 13/2018/P; and 16/2018/P.



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