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Annual Review of Terms of Reference

Report of the Town Clerk.


Members had before them the report of the Town Clerk on the annual review of the Board’s terms of reference and the following points were made.


·         Members agreed that the Board should meet on six occasions per year, consisting of five formal meetings held on the same day as Court, and an annual Board Away Day.


·         That future Board meetings commence at 10 a.m. on the day of Court of Common Council.


·         In line with the Education Board’s three strategies (the Education Strategy 2019-2023, the Skills Strategy 2018-23; and the Cultural and Creative Learning Strategy 2018-2023), the Board suggested the terms of reference include mention of skills and employability and cultural and creative learning. the Board suggested it include mention of skills and employability within their Terms of Reference. The Board noted, however, that it wished to do so in a way that did not encroach on the work of the Policy & Resources Committee. The Town Clerk to draft appropriate wording.


RESOLVED – that the terms of reference and frequency of meetings be agreed as per comments made by Members.

Supporting documents:


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