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Policy Initiatives Fund and Committee Contingency

Report of the Chamberlain.


The Committee considered a report of the Chamberlain which proposed the adoption of more rigorous criteria in relation to bids for funding from the Policy Initiatives Fund. The report also provided an update on commitments from the Policy Initiatives and Committee Contingency Funds to date.


Whilst the default position should be a two-year limit on funds, it was agreed that there should be exceptions made in certain cases where it would be important or desirable to provide a longer-term commitment.


It was agreed that the regular expenditure associated with party conferences, which was customarily funded through an allocation from the Policy Initiatives Fund, should transfer to the appropriate base budgets moving forwards.


A Member suggested that the amount of money made available each year through the Policy & Resources and Finance Committee contingency funds should also be re-examined to ascertain whether the levels remained appropriate. It was also observed that, where it was known that PIF funding was expiring and repeat funding was to be sought, such requests should be presented together at an appropriate time within the budgetary process. This would represent improved financial discipline and enable the Committee to make its decisions in the context of the wider financial ask.


RESOLVED: That Members:-

1.      Note the report and contents of the schedules.

2.      Review the recommendations in paragraph 6 and reprioritise existing multi-year bids as needed or when current funding agreements come to an end.

3.      Approve the suggested changes to the criteria and running of the PIF as follows:

·         PIF bids are to be time limited to a maximum of two years funding (excepting grants for accommodation and other ad hoc grants where longer-term commitment is deemed to be appropriate);

·         Allocate £600k from the PIF to be used exclusively for multiyear bids from 2019/20

·         PIF bid reports are to set out a measurable success/benefits criterion which will be reviewed at two 6 months intervals during the year on how far progressed works/activities are and how successful the work/activities were; and

·         If successful bids have not spent any of the allocated funding within 18 months of being approved the funding is to return to fund unless there is a legitimate reason for delays.


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