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Members' declarations under the Code of Conduct in respect of items on the agenda


By virtue of his position as the Chairman of the Smithfield Markets Tenants Association, Mr Gregory Lawrence advised that he would leave the room in respect of agenda items 16 and 18, reports on the Markets Relocation and Consolidation Programmes, although he was not (in his view) obligated to do so.  The Chairman of the Markets Committee therefore changed the running order of the agenda, to take items 16 and 18 at the end of the non-public part of the agenda, in order to reduce disruption of the meeting and inconvenience to Mr Lawrence.  Mr Lawrence advised that he was available for questions whilst still in the room.  The Chairman advised that he had asked the Comptroller and City Solicitor, as a matter of urgency, to provide clear advice to Mr Lawrence as to what he should and should not participate in.  The Chairman thanked Mr Lawrence for his co-operation and offer to leave.



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