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Joint report of the Chamberlain and the Interim Director of Consumer Protection & Market Operations.


Members considered a report of the Chamberlain and the Director of Consumer Protection and Market Operations in respect of the annual submission of the revenue and capital budgets overseen by the Markets Committee.  Members noted that the budgets had been prepared within the resources allocated to the Director, including a 2% reduction for efficiency savings as well as a 2% allowance for inflation.  In response to a question about filming at Billingsgate, Members noted this was increasing and therefore reflected in the budget.




1.     The latest 2018/19 budget and reasons for movement from the original budget be noted.


2.     Having been reviewed to ensure it reflects the Committee’s objectives, the proposed 2019/20 Revenue Budget be approved and recommended for submission to the Finance Committee


3.     Having been reviewed, the draft Capital Budget be approved.


4.     Any minor budget changes for 2018/19 and 2019/20, arising from the completion of the asset verification exercise, be delegated to the Chamberlain, in consultation with the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Markets Committee



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