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Questions on matters relating to the work of the Committee


The Ben Johnson House Group representative raised the matter of water ingress, had caused anxiety to residents and, whilst works would commence in the new financial year, they had been waiting for some two years. 


The House Group also felt that the issue of car parking charges, taken together with the installation of stores, which were set to occupy a very considerable area of their car park, needs careful and sensible consideration. The final decision should take into account the overall income from the floor area and any additional costs; i.e. whether the current number of car park attendants can manage all their additional duties without compromising security.


The House Group were very reassured that the question of smoke ingress was under review, but disappointed that relatively simple matters, such as the installation of signage and development of fire management plans were taking some time.


The Defoe House representative raised concerns more generally in respect of the shop below Lauderdale Tower, the ‘yellow box’ on Ben Jonson Highwalk , new storage, tube noise and the culture mile. 


The Chairman encouraged Members to submit written questions in advance of regular RCC Meetings on these and similar issues.


There was some discussion in respect of a vision for residents in the next 10 years, based on the discussions during this meeting; and including Culture Mile, noting what does and does not fall within the RCC’s remit.   Sandy Wilson (Shakespeare Tower representative) was happy to lead on this, and feedback a shortlist to the Chairman, and residents were mindful of some having cost implications.  It was suggested that contributions be via email, or as a sub group, without City officer involvement. 


Members were also encouraged to look at the City Corporation’s Draft Local Plan in respect of the future of the Barbican and feed back to the next meeting  of the RCC, in respect of service charge matters,  as this presents an excellent opportunity for making representations. Members noted that the BA had already produced a detailed response to the Local Plan.  The Chairman encouraged this and asked Members to canvas their house groups.  Fred Rodgers offered to put together some ideas in respect of social media, as suggested earlier by Graham Wallace.


In concluding the discussion, it was acknowledged that a lot of modern blocks do not enjoy the benefits of a consultation committee such as the RCC. 




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