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Recognised Tenant Association (RTA) Audit 2018

Report of the Town Clerk.


Members received a report of the Town Clerk in respect of the recent RTA Audit and noted that the following; i.e. all those who had applied, had achieved RTA Status.  Two blocks which currently had RTA Status; Bunyan Court and Mountjoy House, were invited to submit their returns in time for when the report is formally recognised by the BRC, at its meeting on 18 March 2019.


Andrewes House*

Ben Jonson House*

Cromwell Tower*

Defoe House*

Gilbert House*

Frobisher Crescent*

Lauderdale Tower*

Seddon House*

Shakespeare Tower*

Speed House*

Thomas More*

Willoughby House*

Barbican Association*


*indicates existing RTA, from the last Audit in December 2016


RESOLVED, that – the report be noted.



Supporting documents:


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