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Electric Vehicle Charging

Report of the Director of Markets and Consumer Protection

This report has a large appendix, which will follow shortly


Members received a report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services in respect of the infrastructure for electric vehicle charging on the Barbican Estate.  Members of the RCC were asked to comment on the report, ahead of being presented for approval by the Barbican Residential Committee (BRC).  Members noted the time sensitivities connected with this report, in that the Local Emission Neighbourhood (LEN) funding would end in March 2019 and therefore, this report was being presented to a Special Meeting of the BRC later this week. 


During the discussion the following points were noted.


  1. There had been a positive response to the pilot and there were 2 options before Members.  There was a general consensus from the RCC that Option 1 was preferable; i.e. residents should pay for what is used, as Option 2 could penalise those who used only a small proportion of electricity.


  1. A Member expressed concern about the Zipcar hire cars using the bays and the difficulty this might present to Concierges. The Car Park Manager agreed to investigate.


  1. There was some confusion as to where the cost would fall for two parking bays, if there was adequate space for them and whether this option was worth pursuing.  Also, were there any bays which might be unsuitable for conversion?


  1. It was suggested that charging for two bays would be prohibitively expensive and would penalise electric car use. However, it was noted that to remove a usable bay and not charge for it would reduce potential car park income.


  1. The recommendations in the report were based on forecast demand over the  next two years and it was acknowledged that technology moved rapidly in this area.  Furthermore, there would be far more choice in electric vehicles in the next couple of years and residents might delay taking a decision to buy one until they have an EV charging point.


  1. The Pilot had been set up with different charging speeds; slow, medium and rapid.  The pilot found that residents’ preference was for a bay of their own; with 7 kw charging units – i.e. the medium rate of 6hours charging.  If wanted, communal bays would have a rapid 22 kw charge. For either option, cabling could be installed and scaled up to respond to increasing demand.


  1. It was suggested that it would be hard for residents to sign up for this service until a detailed estimate of the costs involved in terms of the cost of electricity and whether residents would be charged for one bay or two had been finalised. 


  1. It was suggested that the cost be shared, for about 6 months, while the Working Party continued to meet and review the project. 


  1. The listed car parks within the report should display their other blocks (i.e. Defoe House / Shakespeare Tower)




  1. The above comments in respect of the Barbican Estate Residents Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure be forwarded to the Special Meeting of the Barbican Residential Committee on 31 January 2019.


  1. Members of the BRC be asked to note the RCC’s preference for Option 1



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