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Revenue and Capital Budgets - 2019/20

Report of the Commissioner.


Members considered a report of the Commissioner regarding Revenue and Capital Budgets 2018/19 and 2019/20 and the following points were made.


·         The Commissioner noted that the report before Members was the result of a considerable amount of work given that the original 2019/19 budget had been severely understated. A further report would be submitted to Members outlining how the Force would deliver on its priorities within the planned 2019/20 budgets.


·         The Commissioner added that further mapping work would be undertaken to clarify what items should be included in the Revenue Budgets e.g. Action Know Fraud.


·         The Treasurer noted that, from an Authority perspective, the Force budgets for 2019/20 were in a stronger position compared to previously, in part due to the £4.1m increase arising from the Business Rate Premium increase, and additional receipt. Nevertheless, the budgets before Members remained challenging, with no revenue provision for Capital works.


·         In response to a question from a Member, the Commissioner agreed that the budget would pose a challenge for existing resources, but that there was ample time for the Force to plan for and deliver its services against the budgets – particularly given a Force Demand paper was forthcoming.


·         In response to a question from a Member, the Commissioner noted that the expenditure on Employees from £91.2m in the Original Budget 2018/19 to £98.9m in the Proposed Budget 2019/20 was due an underestimate in staffing costs. Members were mindful that there was limited value in comparing the current budget to the original budget given the errors in the latter, but that it was important for Members to have a clear baseline figure on which to monitor ongoing Revenue and Capital Budgets.


·         A Member commented that the £2m pension contribution outlined within the report was a one-off and requested that staffing figures going forward be broken down into police, civilian, and Economic Crime Directorate staff. It was important to ensure that this level of evidence was available to wider Members of the Authority as and when Force Demands were put forward.


·         In response to a request from a Member, the Interim Financial Services Director agreed to provide high-level commentary on variances in future reporting.


·         In response to a comment from a Member, the Commissioner agreed to review why the original budget did not factor in vacancies. The Commissioner reminded Members that the budgetary material before Members had been compiled by persons who were no longer with the Force, but that he had confidence in the staff now in place to provide Members with robust financial reporting going forward.


·         The Treasurer noted that the Force’s ability to demonstrate savings in both 2018/19 and 2019/20 would address any concerns that were likely to be raised by the Authority’s Finance Committee.


RESOLVED, that Members


·         Note the latest projected outturn position for the 2018/19 revenue budget

·         Review the provisional 2019/20 revenue budget,

·         Note that a business case for additional resources will be submitted to a future committee meeting.




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