Agenda item

Business Plan Development at Epping Forest

Report of the Director of Open Spaces.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of Open Spaces on the 2019-22 Business Plan for Epping Forest. The Superintendent introduced the report and highlighted that given the size of the Forest Individual Site Plans (ISP) and Planning & Development Notes (PDN) would be necessary to manage delivery of the Management Strategy and Business Plan.


A Member of the Committee commented that the works included in the Theydon Bois Green ISP would be affected by the previous agreements with the Theydon Bois Parish Council and requested that a list of local authorities’ schemes, which affect the business plan, be added to provide context. The Superintendent replied that the Theydon Bois Green Individual Site Plan references the Care and Maintenance Agreement.


A Member questioned what the reasoning was for the requirement for ‘hand cutting’ referenced with relation to Highway verge management. The Superintendent explained that this was required in some locations because of the presence of parked cars adjacent to the Highway verge. A Member noted the number of Coal-tax posts within Epping Forest and questioned the responsibility for the maintenance of the posts. The Superintendent confirmed that the City Surveyor held the responsibility for the maintenance of the coal posts.


Replying to a Member’s query on the Epping Forest Management Strategy the Superintendent confirmed that the strategy would be considered by the Epping Forest Management Plan Working Group in the next few months so that future ISPs can be assessed against the Committee’s strategic objectives.


It was suggested by a Member that a digest of the ISPs and PDNs was placed on City of London Corporation website. The Superintendent explained that a review was underway into the Website’s content and the Member’s point would be considered as part of that process.


RESOLVED- That the Theydon Bois Green Individual Site Plan (ISP) and Highway Verge Management Planning and Development Note are approved for public consultation.


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