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Epping Forest Consultative Committee Draft Minutes

To receive the draft minutes of the Epping Forest Consultative Committee meeting held on 13 February 2019.


The Committee received the draft minutes of the Epping Forest Consultative Committee 13 February 2019.


A Member of the Committee questioned the accuracy of the approval timeline, for a proposed major event to be held in September 2020, added to the draft minutes for Member’s information and commented that the timeline did not clarify when public consultation would take place. The Director of Open Spaces replied by outlining that there would be two key stages within the decision-making process; in May the Epping Forest and Commons Committee will consider whether to grant ‘in principle’ permission for the event to be held and, if approved, the event provider will apply for licenses to each of the required responsible authorities, which would be administered by the relevant local authority. Public consultation regarding the detail of the event would then be undertaken, before the Local Authority determines whether to licence the event.  A Member commented that this would mean that the key decision would be taken after the event organisers had already spent a large amount of money.


The Chairman commented that public surgeries were already in progress with key groups and highlighted the meeting of 9 March 2019 at The Temple, Wanstead Park. The Deputy Chairman added that the matter had also been discussed at the Epping Forest Consultative Committee in October of 2018. The Director of Open Spaces confirmed that an informal consultation process had begun in the Summer of 2018 and application to the relevant local authority would involve a formalised public consultation. A Member commented that it was important to make clear that the time for public consultation had already started.


RESOLVED-That the minutes be noted.


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