Agenda item


Report of the Town Clerk.


The Committee considered a report of the Town Clerk regarding the Epping Forest & Commons Committee’s Terms of Reference. The Chairman noted that Verderer Nicholas Munday will be added to the Verderers listed in the Committee’s Terms of Reference. In addition, the Chairman raised that the two Aldermanic appointments to the Committee changed simultaneously and requested in future that these appointments are to be staggered to allow for an Alderman with experience of the Epping Forest & Commons Committee to provide continuity.


A Member of the Committee raised that they did not believe that the Committee’s Terms of Reference accurately reflected the proposed constitution of the Epping Forest Act 1878. The Superintendent noted that this issue had been raised before and addressed at Committee. The Superintendent confirmed that the Comptroller and City Solicitor’s judgment would be provided to the Member.


RESOLVED- that: -

  1. The terms of reference of the Epping Forest and Commons Committee, subject to any comments, be approved for submission to the Court of Common Council in April, and that any further changes required in the lead up to the Court’s appointment of Committees be delegated to the Town Clerk in consultation with the Chairman and Deputy Chairman; and
  2. The frequency of the Committee’s meetings be agreed.



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