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Update to Scheme of Delegations

Report of the Director of the Department of the Built Environment.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of the Built Environment providing Members with an updated Scheme of Delegations to reflect new legislation and responsibilities.


The Business Performance Manager reported that this document was ordinarily submitted to the Planning and Transportation Committee approximately every 18 months. There were now proposals for the Department of the Built Environment (DBE) scheme document to form part of an overall Corporate scheme of delegations but, in the meantime, it was proposed that this document should continue to be reviewed at Committee level.


A Member questioned how many applications fell into the category detailed at paragraph 103 where permission/consent was granted on or before 1st October 2010 for development which has not already begun. The Business Performance Manager undertook to look in to this matter and report back to the Member.


A Member suggested that paragraph 133 should be amended to reflect the fact that it was the Chamberlain who made any payments of Crossrail contributions. The Business Performance Manager agreed with this point and undertook to amend the wording accordingly.


RESOLVED – That the Committee agrees to the additional terms and amendments to the Scheme of Delegations to allow the DBE to continue its work whilst the full and final Town Clerks overall Scheme of Delegations document is collated.




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