Agenda item

Community Infrastructure Levy – Neighbourhood Fund

Report of the Director of the Built Environment.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of the Built Environment proposing a mechanism for the allocation of the Neighbourhood Fund element of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) monies.


The Director advised that a request had been received to give greater consideration as to how increased Member involvement might be facilitated, particularly in relation to the distribution of smaller sums of money (which were currently to be delegated to officers for consideration). Accordingly, she asked that the current proposals be approved for the present time, with an undertaking to bring back a report outlining proposals for increased Member involvement.


RESOLVED: That Members:-

1.    Note the response to the consultation on the City CIL Neighbourhood Fund, set

       out in Appendix 1;

2.    Approve the proposed approach to the City CIL Neighbourhood Fund, set out

       in Appendix 2, and

3.    Delegate the approval of funding applications above £50,000 from the CIL Neighbourhood Fund to the Resource Allocation Sub-Committee.

Supporting documents: