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The City of London Corporation's Sport and Physical Activity Strategy for 2019-23

Report of the Town Clerk.


Members received a report of the Town Clerk in respect of the City Corporation’s Sport and Physical Activity Strategy, which would be presented to various Committees for input, before being presented to Policy and Resources Committee in July 2019.  During the discussion on this report, the following points were noted:


·       The general reference to ‘community’ but no specific reference to the impact on residential wards; i.e. almost every large scale event affected Queenhithe in some way.


·       There was no specific reference to a coherent education plan  reflecting the move by Downing Street to encourage schools and other educational sites to host sporting, creative and other cultural events.


·       There was little reference to diversity, gender or ability/disability.


·       It was suggested that the strategy reflected a ‘top down’ rather than a ‘bottom up’ approach.


RESOLVED, That - the report and the comments set out above be noted.



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