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City Premium Grant 2019/20 Funding Round

A joint report of the Director of Community & Children’s Services and the Chamberlain.


Members considered a report of the Director of Community & Children’s services regarding the City Premium Grant 2019/20 funding round.


Members heard that the requests for Galleywall and Shoreditch Park would be presented to them at their meeting in July 2019, however, in future years all applications should be received in time for the Board to consider them at its May meeting. Schools have been provided with an annual schedule of what they will be asked for, this will assist schools in  their preparations for next year’s applications.


Members requested that, in future, the report include the maximum amount each school could have bid for against what they have qualified to receive through their application.


Members requested that the Board closely monitor what differences their grants for additionality make and use this data to lobby central government with an argument for the value of increased education spending.


RESOLVED, that Members:


·         Approve the release of City Premium Grant funding to City academies for academic year 2019/20 as per Schedule 1 of the report.


·         Note that the proposal for funding to City of London Academy Southwark (CoLAS) will be submitted for approval to the July 2019 Education Board. This is because the application deadline was extended for CoLAS noting the recent recruitment of the academy’s new Principal.


·         Note that a second proposal for funding to City of London Academy Shoreditch Park up to the maximum total allocation of £140k, and a proposal from Galleywall Primary up to maximum allocation of £60k, will be submitted to the July 2019 Education Board for approval. This is because officers have requested additional information on the academies’ applications which could not be obtained before submission to the May 2019 Education Board meeting.


·         Note that the Education Board will receive evaluations of the impact of City Premium Grant funded projects delivered over 2019/20 at the November 2020 Education Board meeting.

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