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Gateway 3 - Museum of London Public Realm Project

Report of the Director of the Built Environment. TO FOLLOW.


Members considered a Gateway 1/2 Issue report of the Director of the Built Environment regarding the Museum of London Public Realm Project and the following points were made.


·         The Director of the Built Environment noted that the project had synergies with associated projects in the area, specifically around the new Museum of London, and the Smithfield Market. The project was outside the scope of the City’s Fundamental Review.


·         The Chairman noted that the Sub-Committee’s role was to scrutinise project risks and dependencies, and that the next project gateway report should consider these in greater detail and provide visuals/a graphic outlining both the public realm project milestones and also milestones of associated projects.


·         A Member welcomed the holistic approach taken to the project but noted that, in his view, given that the report referenced the need for inbuilt flexibility in the design approach, that the report was perhaps premature.


·         The Assistant Town Clerk & Director of Major Projects was heard, noting that the project had two main drivers. First, the future of the City’s markets were subject to both public consultation and a Parliamentary Bill. The City’s future plans for Smithfield would likely influence the passage of that Bill. Secondly, the Museum of London was aiming to secure planning permission for its new site by the end of 2019 and would welcome a clearer idea of the City’s plans for the Smithfield site in support of that. Th current project should be considered in the context of those two drivers.


·         Members noted that, whilst the holistic approach was to be welcomed, officers should be mindful not to overcommit resources too early in the project and remove the ability to be more flexible in approach later on in the project process.


RESOLVED, that Members,  


·         Approve the progression of the project as set out within the report, including the additional budget of £625,000 required to progress the project to the next Gateway; of which £80,000 can be met from existing provisions within the Markets Consolidation Budgets and the remaining £545,000 from the eligible sources for this project of CIL or OSPR.


·         Note the Capital Funding Review process via Resource Allocation Sub Committee has approved central funding for the key project dependency elements of this project.


·         Approve the increase in the scope of the project to reflect the proposals within the Transportation Strategy, the planned implementation of Culture Mile and the development of the Markets Consolidation Programme.


·         Approve the change of the project name from Museum of London Public Realm to West Smithfield Area Public Realm and Transportation project.


·         Note the revised project budget of £715,000; and note the total estimated project cost of £12m which is subject to the identification of funding.




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