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Report of the Town Clerk.


Members considered a report of the Town Clerk regarding actions outstanding from previous meetings and the following points were made.


27/2019/P – Finsbury Circus Garden Reinstatement


·         The Superintendent of Parks and Gardens was heard regarding the Finsbury Circus Garden Reinstatement, noting that a written update was available for circulation outside of the meeting, In short, the interim landscape was to be provided as Crossrail’s cost. Should the City choose to design and install an interim scheme, the estimated cost would be £195,000 not including contingency. Assuming the project were allowed to progress immediately, the interim garden scheme would be in place for just over one year.


28/2019/P – Bank Junction Improvements Project Update


·         A Member expressed his concern that the All Change at Bank project timeline had slipped by one month, risking the project not being completed in time for the opening date of TfL’s Bank Junction upgrade. It was the Member’s understanding that the City’s project was currently being delayed by queries raised by the Chairman of Finance Committee, and the Chamberlain, over the use of s106 monies to finance the project rather than On-Street Parking Reserve. The Member queried whether it would be possible to resolve these queries through the usual channels of internal consultation rather than requiring a full, redrafted, report being brought back to Members.


·         The Director of the Built Environment was heard, noting that the main implication of delay of All Change at Bank was that the public realm would not be complete in time for large numbers of visitors using Bank Junction.


·         The Chairman noted that a further report on All Change at Bank should not be necessary provided that a note on financials and the project’s critical path could be provided, with the Sub-Committee’s endorsement of timely progression of the project, to the Chair of Policy and Resources Committee and the Chairman of Finance Committee.


RESOLVED, that the report be received.

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