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Budget Monitoring Month 2 - 2019/20

Report of the Commissioner.


Members considered a report of the Commissioner of Police regarding Budget Monitoring for Month 2 – 2019/20 and the following points were made.


·         The Financial Services Director noted the additional £2m pressure on budgets due to pension contributions.


·         A Member noted that 81 posts were being held vacant and noted his belief that a proactive plan was required to ensure policing services were adequately maintained.


·         In response to a question, the Financial Services Director noted that the current budget was for the existing Force establishment i.e. it did not include the 67 additional posts recently requested by the Force, the funding for which was outside the current budget.


·         The Assistant Commissioner clarified that the additional 67 posts would be funded from Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) proceeds during Year 1, and an increase in the Business Rate Premium thereafter.


·         The Treasurer noted that a revised budget should be prepared that included the additional 67 posts.


·         In response to a question regarding longer term strategic funding for the City of London Police, the Chairman noted that this issue would be within the remit of the Resource Allocation Sub (Policy and Resources) Committee.


·         The Deputy Treasurer commented that, with the adoption of the Fundamental Review by the Authority, in addition to Transform there were now two transformation programmes affecting the Force running alongside one another. It would be necessary for the Force to make a judgement on what posts it was able to afford.


·         The Deputy Chief Executive noted that the use of POCA proceeds was appropriate in light of the Fundamental Review but added that longer term funding would be subject to a decision to be made later in 2019.


·         In response to a request from a Member, the Financial Services Director agreed to submit a revised budget to the Committee at its next meeting.


·         The Chairman commented that figures within the report e.g. Directorate Breakdown would require commentary in future reporting.


RESOLVED, that the report be received.

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