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Questions on Matters Relating to the Work of the Committee


In response to a question from the Deputy Chair, the CGO gave Members an update on the Centre for Mental Health and Bridge to Work programme. The City Bridge Trust grant had been used to fund Individual Placement and Support (IPS) provision in Bromley and Newham, in order to forge links to support people with severe mental health difficulties into employment. The CGO advised that the NHS had subsequently announced their strategy to double IPS provision by 2021. Both hubs funded by City Bridge Trust had secured funding from the NHS and would be integral to the plans of their respective local CCGs. The CGO added that City Bridge Trust had been ahead of the curve in funding IPS provision, and that the funding had supported policy change, leading to a clear strategic outcome.


A Member advised the Committee that the Bridge House Estates Annual Report and Financial Statements prepared by the charity finance team had been excellent. Members recorded their thanks to officers for their hard work on this matter.


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