Agenda item

Moorgate Crossrail Urban Integration

Report of the Director of the Built Environment


The Sub-Committee considered a report of the Director of the Built Environment seeking approval to explore design changes to the public realm across the wider Moorgate area to enhance the pedestrian environment. Changes would also facilitate the expected pedestrian uplift resulting from the opening of Crossrail in 2020/2021 and other adjacent developments. The Deputy Chairman, in the Chair, advised that the Barbican Centre were supportive of the scheme but wanted more thorough consultation for the Barbican Centre and Barbican Estate, as connectivity with Moorgate station was crucial for the Barbican Centre.


RESOLVED - That the Streets and Walkways Sub-Committee:


1.    Note the next steps for Phase 2 of the Moorgate Crossrail Urban Integration project;


2.    Approve that a new name of ‘Moorgate Crossrail Station Links’ is allocated to the currently called ‘Phase 2’ project to clearly distinguish this work from the existing Crossrail reinstatement work (Phase 1);


3.    Approve project objectives for Phase 2 (MCSL) to align to the adopted Corporate Plan (in Table 4);


4.    Approve the funding programme as set out in Section 3 and Appendix 6, including any financial interest accrued on the S106 funds (subject to the approval of the DBE Prioritisation report at the other relevant committees);


5.    Approve a budget of £1,173,062 for Phase 2 – (MCSL). This budget is made up of the following:

·      £114,876 from the Phase 1 pre-evaluation budget (outlined in Section 3)

·      £1,058,186 to be funded from S106 contributions (outlined in Section 4, paragraphs 30 to 32)


·      Approve the use of £182,952 of the Phase 2 MCSL budget to reach Gateway 3/4;


6.    Agree to increase the scope of the Phase 2 (MCSL) project to include the Wilson Street/South Place junction to facilitate cycling and pedestrian improvements;


7.    Agree to increase the scope of the Phase 2 (MCSL) project to include the whole of the Finsbury Circus western arm;


8.    Delegate authority to the Director of the Built Environment to approve budget adjustments between budget lines if this is within the approved total project budget amount;


9.    Approve the increase in scope to facilitate the potential opportunity to formally link Cycle Superhighway 1 through Moorgate into the City;


10. Approve the investigation of an interim measure of the western arm of Finsbury Circus as an early deliverable (Phase A) of the Phase 2 (MCSL) project;


11. Request an allocation of £80,000 from the overall project budget for the investigation of the delivery of the interim measure, subject to the outcome of the traffic-order making process; and


12. Request that a Gateway 4/5 report specifically on this interim measure on Finsbury Circus western arm, be delegated to the Chief Officer for subsequent approvals (as explained in Section 4, paragraph 28).


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