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Dockless Cycle Hire Update

Report of the Director of the Built Environment.






The Committee received a report of the Director of the Built Environment updating Members on the trial of a new approach to managing dockless cycle hire in the City.


Officers reported that a six-month trial was currently underway which had seen the introduction of designated parking areas for dockless cycles in the City in an attempt to reduce the amount of obstructions on the highway. Two operators had been selected to take part in the trial which would run until the end of 2019. Other operators had been requested not to include the City of London during the trial period but responses to this request had been mixed. Officers reported that there were currently limited powers available to them here but that it was envisaged that a London-wide bye law would be introduced in due course.


The Deputy Chairman stated that it was frustrating to learn that the organisation had no greater powers to address this issue at present.


A Member enquired as to whether symbols and white lines to mark out the agreed parking locations within the City had now been completed. Officers reported that the marking of all bays would be completed by the end of this week.


A Member referred to recent occurrences where operators who were not part of the current trail had parked in the City to deliver bicycles to locations nearby. She also questioned whether there were sufficient parking spaces given that she had, only today, seen three bicycles in one space, only one of which was a bicycle from an approved operator. Officers encouraged Members to report any issues with operators and obstructions directly to them.


The Member went on to refer to the London Borough of Islington who had recently removed a number of bicycles from their streets that had failed to be reclaimed. She added that many of the bicycles used were relatively cheap and that it was therefore often easier for operators to leave them behind rather than reclaim. She questioned whether there was any concern amongst Officers that abandoned bicycles would have to be stored and dispersed of at cost to the organisation going forward. Officers reported that the quality of e-bikes tended to be of a better standard and therefore were more costly and it was therefore hoped that this would not be a huge issue going forward.


RESOLVED – That Members note the report.

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