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Superintendent's Update

Report of the Superintendent of The Commons.


The Committee received a report of the Superintendent of the Commons which provided Members with a general update on issues across the nine sites within ‘The Commons’ division. The Superintendent highlighted that the proposed agreement with Heathrow Limited was almost ready for consideration by the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Committee.


A Member requested further details on the incidents of Lyme Disease present at Ashtead Common. Replying to this, the Superintendent outlined that extensive risk assessments for the issue had been completed and that accordingly, an updated mitigation strategy was being implemented by Officers to minimise the effect of the Lyme Disease at the Common. Replying to a query from a Member, the Superintendent explained that warnings regarding Lyme Disease at Ashtead Common had been provided to the local community via the Website and local newspapers. In addition, it was confirmed that all appropriate measures were taken to avoid cross contamination of different sites within the Commons division.


Reply to a Member’s query the Superintendent explained that there were over a thousand instances of OPM (Oak Processionary Moth) at Ashtead Common but that the numbers were considerably lower at the other sites within the Commons. 


RESOLVED- That the report be noted.



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