Agenda item

Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places

Report of the Town Clerk.


The Committee considered a report of the Town Clerk concerning the future arrangements for polling stations and polling places in the City to be used at UK Parliamentary elections.


The Chair prefaced discussion by noting that there were concerns in respect of the proposals for polling district AL and the use of St Bride’s, particularly in relation to accessibility and forthcoming construction activity at the location. Consequently, it was suggested that the report be agreed with the exception of AL, with officers asked to revisit this particular proposal. It was also noted that choice may be constrained in the event that a short-notice General Election were called; consequently, it was agreed that authority should be delegated to consider revised proposals to help expedite this matter.


A Member suggested that consideration should also be given to the north-east corner of polling district AL, given the residential developments underway in that area. It was asked that thought be given to the possibility of redefining the boundary to allow voters there to use St Giles Cripplegate instead.



1.      Authority be delegated to the Town Clerk, in consultation with the Chairman and Deputy Chairman, to consider proposals in respect of polling district AL.

2.      No change be made to the boundaries of polling districts BL, CL and DL, or the location of the polling places within these polling districts, unless required as a consequence of decisions made under delegated authority in relation to polling district AL.


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