Agenda item

Progress Report

Report of the Chief Grants Officer and Director of City Bridge Trust (CGO)


The Committee received the regular progress report of the Chief Grants Officer and discussed the updates provided. The Committee had enjoyed a presentation and discussion with Rachel Rank, CEO of 360Giving, at lunch prior to the meeting.


Changes to Committee Reporting and Processes

The Committee noted that the Committee’s proposals on its delegated authority procedure had been amended by the Court of Common Council before approval. The Chairman asked that Committee Members should submit comments on Committee proposals ahead of their submission to Court of Common Council to mitigate against this in future.


The Chairman drew the Committee’s attention to the revised delegated authority procedures as well as several revisions to the standard reporting format for grant recommendations, and invited Members to give feedback on them.


Cost of Raising Funds (CoRF)

The Committee noted the recommendation on the CoRF within the grant assessments. The CGO reassured Members that CoRF would continue to be a consideration of Funding Managers during the assessment process and that anything of note that should be brought to the Committee’s attention would be included within the assessment report narrative.


Grant Advisor UK

The CGO advised the Committee that City Bridge Trust was participating in a pilot of Grant Advisor UK, and invited Members to view the City Bridge Trust profile on their website.


RESOLVED – That the City Bridge Trust Committee:


a)    Note the report; and


b)    Agree that the requirement to include the Cost of Raising Funds (CoRF) in the grants assessment finance tables be removed.

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