Agenda item

Questions on Matters Relating to the Work of the Committee


Reflecting on the Court of Common Council’s recent consideration of a Sports and Physical Activity Strategy, the Deputy Chair asked officers to what extent City Bridge Trust funded sport organisations, and whether City Bridge Trust should review its involvement in the sector.


The CGO responded that communities benefited from sport and City Bridge Trust took an active role in promoting sport and supporting access to sport. As sport was well-funded in some aspects, City Bridge Trust applied a policy of supporting areas that were not already well-funded, and worked with other funders in the sector such as the London Marathon Trust.


The Committee then discussed the matter and suggested areas to explore, such as basketball, which had high levels of participation and following in London but was not well-funded. The CGO advised that the Trust already supported the delivery of most sports (to particular audiences e.g. disabled or older people) barring those sports where there was significant funding already available from the relevant governing body.


It was noted that officers were proactive with some of the main sports funders to encourage their funding to be more sustainable where possible. A Member suggested that any activity be aligned with the Court of Common Council’s strategy once approved, with City Bridge Trust able to help with aspects such as access to sport, whilst another Member advised to also be mindful that it was not the role of the Trust to deliver City of London Corporation strategies.


A Member then advised the Committee that the latest accounts for Bridge House Estates had been published that week, with copies available from the Chamberlain’s Department for Members that wished to see them.