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IT Division - IT Service Delivery Summary

Report of the Chamberlain.


The Committee received the report of the Chamberlain on the IT Division – IT Service Delivery Summary. The Committee were informed that Agilisys are working with IBM to ensure greater resilience and ensuring that the networks are not impacted in the future.


The Chairman enquired about the telephone line failures at the call centre. Members were informed that the service affected was triggered by planned power maintenance work by datacentre. Moving forward the City is now in a better position, to be well prepared with adequate resilience in place for such eventualities.


A Member asked how extensive this P1 incident was and if all the due processes were followed.  Officers confirmed to the Committee that the department has a Change Approval Board in place and in the event the incident is critical then the incident undergoes a major incident review process.


Members were further informed that the DR test will now be carried out on a rolling basis Furthermore, Members were informed that whenever such tests are done, the department explores the timing for tests and changes to ensure that there are lowest possible service disruptions across the City of London.


It was agreed that a paper on the Change Process will be presented to the Committee at a future meeting. 


RESOLVED: That Members are asked to note the report.


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