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Smart Working and Accommodation - Presentation

The City Surveyor to be heard.



The Committee received a verbal update from the City Surveyor on the smart working and accommodation. Members were advised that the project was initiated in 2016, however, since 2018 the City Surveyor’s department has been taking a lead with the project. The immediate focus has been on accommodating the move of people currently housed at the Walbroke wharf site into the Guildhall complex.


The City Surveyor’s department is now working towards delivering smart working with greater efficiency, modern and agile use of office space. Works has started in the Guildhall Complex by the implementation of clean desks policy and reduced linear storage.


The Chairman commented that there needs to be an element of flexibility around agile working with providing greater IT support. Members were assured that the laptops have allowed the City to provide staff with agile working. There are fissures in service which needs to be addressed in order to add value to the services that are in existence. As we go through the transition process, we will require time to smooth up the processes with investments, priorities and enablement.


One of the key challenges is that this is a lengthy project with a timeline of 3 to 5 years.


RESOLVED – That the Committee notes the verbal update.


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