Agenda item

Review of officer recommendations to the Planning and Transportation Committee

Report of the Town Clerk (TO FOLLOW).


The Committee received a report of the Town Clerk which presented a summary of the key findings and recommendations arising from an independent review into officer recommendations made to the Planning and Transportation Committee in relation to the proposed delegation of the Richard Cloudesley School planning application to the London Borough of Islington and to the application for the change of use of the Golden Lane Community Centre.


A Member spoke to emphasise the importance of transparency around the planning process and the need for absolute clarity when applications to be considered had been submitted by the City Corporation, suggesting that the implementation of a specific policy would be beneficial. Responding a Member, also Deputy Chairman of the Planning & Transportation Committee, advised that a new policy had been implemented recently whereby the names of all applicants were listed to provide transparency, including the City Corporation. He also noted that the crucial consideration for applications must always be the material planning grounds for the applications themselves, not the specific applicant.


RESOLVED: That the findings and recommendations of the investigation be noted.


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