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Wind Microclimate Guidelines

Report of the Chief Planning Officer and Development Director.


The Committee considered a report of the Chief Planning Officer and Development Director setting out the City Corporation’s Wind Microclimate Guidelines, produced as a result of officers working alongside the Wind Engineering community to establish a more robust and rigorous methodology for Wind assessments accompanying planning applications for new schemes.


The Chair thanked Officers for this piece of work which showed that the organisation was very much leading the way in this area.


A Member questioned why testing could not be done in situ, looking at existing scenarios, as opposed to within a wind tunnel. Officers responded that it was important to keep the number of anomalies down in test situations but that they would continue to work alongside the wind industry to look at how these might be reduced.


REOLVED – That the Planning and Transportation Committee endorse the Wind Microclimate Guidelines which established a more rigorous and robust approach to the methodology and techniques of Wind testing of proposed developments in the City and raised the benchmark of acceptable wind conditions.   

Supporting documents:


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