Agenda item

North East London Strategy Delivery Plan - Developing our local response to the NHS Long Term Plan

A Presentation from the East London Health and Care Partnership.


Members received a presentation from the East London Health and Care Partnership, which provided a local response to the NHS Long Term Plan.  Members noted that a consultation event was planned on 16th October, the final submission was due in mid-November and comments were invited to 25th October 2019.  The document would include case studies, including the City of London Corporation.  Officers advised that extensive consultation was already underway in the City, working with Healthwatch. 


During the discussion and questions the following points were noted:


           The importance of patient choice; noting that some were statutory.  SDP’s would therefore need to be flexible, whilst encouraging use of local services whenever possible. 


           The City Corporation would provide a formal, technical response and Members of the Health and Wellbeing Board were invited to contact the Assistant Director, Partnerships and Commissioning, with any comments:


           As yet, there had been no decisions taken in respect of a single North East London CCG and its subsidiaries and governance and this would be referred to in the introduction. 


           The need for a culture change, from reactive to preventative, though promoting healthy living and delaying the point at which people need care.     Members noted there were no gaps in terms of individual social care, which had very strong indicators and vulnerable groups would continue to receive immediate attention.


The Chairman and Members thanked the officers for a helpful presentation.