Agenda item

City Cycleways Programme - Phase 1

Report of the Director of the Built Environment


The Sub-Committee considered a report of the Director of the Built Environment regarding delivery of a programme of pedal cycle projects as proposed in the City of London Corporation’s adopted Transport Strategy. The Director of the Built Environment introduced the report, drew Members’ attention to key points and outlined the options available. The Sub-Committee noted an error on the risk register wherein the pre- and post-mitigation scores were the wrong way around.


In response to a number of queries from Members, the Director of the Built Environment confirmed that no existing infrastructure on Queen Street would be removed, although some would be moved around to clear space, and that the project budget accounted for project monitoring to continue. Whilst a wider servicing and loading review was ongoing, officers were proposing increasing restrictions at some problem locations. The roads were sufficiently wide that the scheme would allow adequate space for both pedestrians and cyclists. The increased costs could be met within the existing budget due to savings made during procurement, with TfL likely to provide additional funding if required due to their support for cycling projects.


Members were supportive of the scheme and of efforts to create shared spaces for pedestrians and cyclists to coexist on the streets and roads, which would also combat key issues including aggressive cycling. The Chairman added that this could be the first of a number of schemes and was important for the future.


RESOLVED – That the Streets & Walkways Sub-Committee:


  1. Agree to the proposals as detailed in Option 2 (Intermittent surface treatment of the shared use spaces and improvements to the existing Q11 route, and other Quick Win measures) to proceed to the next gateway (authority to start work);


  1. Agree to increase the scope to include proposals on Wood Street and the raised carriageway at the southern end of Queen Street;


  1. Agree to a revised total estimated cost to deliver Phase 1 (Option 2) of £680k (an increase of £100k), which can be funded from the overall grant of £880k for 2019/20, subject to agreement from TfL;


  1. Agree the revised budgets for the three phases as set out in Appendix 2 (tables 2 to 4); and


  1. Agree to delegate the resolution of any objections to the Director of the Built Environment in consultation with the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Streets & Walkways Sub-Committee.

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