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Bringing Communities Together event feedback and future proposal

Report of the Director of Open Spaces.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of Open Spaces on the Bringing Communities Together event. The Report sought approval for the organisers to hold the event on an annual basis in West Ham Park for the coming three years at the same size, scale and duration.


Replying to a query from a Member of the Committee the Director of Open Spaces clarified that the fees charged for the event would be reviewed on an annual basis by the Committee. The Chairman noted that the approval for the event to be held on for the proceeding three years was for reasons of continuity.


In response to a point raised by a Member of the Committee the Director of Open Spaces explained that the organisers of the event had contacted a variety of different community organisations regarding possible involvement with the Bringing Communities Together event.


It was commented by a Member that Hampstead Heath held a number of similar events annually which were both successful community events and effective sources of revenue for the management of the open space. In addition, it was commented that Officers should look into the viability of holding more events of this type at West Ham Park.


A Member of the Committee commented that he would be working in his capacity as the London Borough of NewhamCabinet Member for Environment to increase engagement between the West Ham Park management team and the London Borough of Newham.



  1. The HAFS Academy and Irvin Leisure delivering a ‘Bringing Communities Together’ event at the same size, scale and duration as in 2019 in West Ham Park annually in July for the next three years from 2020 to 2022 be approved; and
  2. That authority be delegated to the Superintendent to finalise details of each event, and pricing structure for fairground rides, food and other items to be sold by stall holders; and
  3. That future event feedback and any change in charging will be proposed with the annual fees and charges report that is submitted to Members each December.


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