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Resolution from the Barbican Residential Committee to the Establishment Committee - 29 October 2019


The Committee received a Resolution from the Barbican Residential Committee.


The Director of HR outlined the timeline of events and confirmed that her department had supported The Barbican Estate Office when drafting the job evaluations (JEs). Whilst it was disappointing that on this occasion it had appeared that a degree of confusion about roles and responsibilities had delayed the process, HR and the Department for Communities and Children’s Services were now working closely together to ensure that the recruitment process, as a whole, was speedy, high quality, and effective.


The Director added that senior officers did need assistance when drawing up JEs as, clearly, this was not a regular part of their job – she assured Members that HR always stood ready to support and advise when colleagues were looking at JEs, and indeed, restructures.


RESOLVED – that the Committee approved the Town Clerk, in consultation with the Chair to respond to the Barbican Residential Committee by way of a resolution to the next meeting of the BRC on 16th December 2019.


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