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Tuesday, 18th November, 2014 11.30 am, Finance Grants Oversight and Performance Sub Committee

Venue:   Committee Rooms, 2nd Floor, West Wing, Guildhall

Contact:    Julie Mayer
tel. no.: 020 7332 1410

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
COL - Events Council Staff Expected
Roger Arthur Holden Chadwick Chairman Present
Jeremy Paul Mayhew, MA, MBA Deputy Chairman Present
Randall Keith Anderson Committee Member Present
John Alfred Barker, OBE, Deputy Committee Member Present
Simon D'Olier Duckworth, OBE, DL Committee Member Apologies
Anthony Noel Eskenzi, CBE, DSc, Deputy Committee Member Present
Tom Hoffman Committee Member Present
Jamie Ingham Clark Committee Member Present
Vincent Thomas Keaveny (Alderman) Committee Member Present
Oliver Arthur Wynlayne Lodge, TD, BSc Committee Member Apologies
Philip Woodhouse Committee Member Present
Barbara Riddell Officer In attendance
Steven Reynolds Officer Expected
Julie Mayer Secretary In attendance
Anne Pietsch Officer In attendance
Laura Yeo Officer Expected


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