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Tuesday, 18th December, 2018 10.00 am, Planning and Transportation Committee

Venue:   Livery Hall - Guildhall

Contact:    Gemma Stokley
tel. no.: 020 7332 3414

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Gideon Stothard Officer Expected
Zahur Khan Officer In attendance
Alison Bunn Council Staff In attendance
Leah Coburn Officer Expected
Gillian Howard Officer Expected
Christopher Michael Hayward Chairman Present
Alastair Michael Moss, Deputy Deputy Chairman Present
Munsur Ali Committee Member Present
Rehana Banu Ameer Committee Member Apologies
Randall Keith Anderson Committee Member Present
Peter Gordon Bennett Committee Member Present
Sir Mark Boleat Committee Member Present
Mark Bostock Committee Member Present
Keith David Forbes Bottomley, Deputy Committee Member Apologies
Henry Nicholas Almroth Colthurst Committee Member Present
Peter Gerard Dunphy Committee Member Apologies
Stuart John Fraser, CBE Committee Member Present
Marianne Bernadette Fredericks Committee Member Apologies
Prem Goyal OBE JP (Alderman) Committee Member Present
Graeme Harrower Committee Member Present
Christopher Hill Committee Member Apologies
Jamie Ingham Clark, Deputy Committee Member Present
Gregory Jones QC (Alderman) Committee Member Present
Shravan Jashvantrai Joshi Committee Member Present
Oliver Arthur Wynlayne Lodge, TD, BSc Committee Member Expected
Nicholas Stephen Leland Lyons (Alderman) Committee Member Present
Natasha Maria Cabrera Lloyd-Owen Committee Member Apologies
Andrew Paul Mayer Committee Member Apologies
Brian Desmond Francis Mooney, MA, Deputy Committee Member Present
Sylvia Doreen Moys, MBE Committee Member Present
Barbara Patricia Newman, CBE Committee Member Absent
Graham Packham Committee Member Apologies
Susan Jane Pearson Committee Member Present
Judith Pleasance Committee Member Present
James Henry George Pollard, Deputy Committee Member Present
James de Sausmarez Committee Member Apologies
Oliver Sells QC Committee Member Present
Graeme Martyn Smith Committee Member Absent
William Upton Committee Member Present
Sir David Hugh Wootton (Alderman) Committee Member Present
Angela Roach Officer Apologies
David Horkan Council Staff In attendance
Simon Owen Officer Expected
Deborah Cluett Officer In attendance
Alison Hurley Officer Expected
Carolyn Dwyer Officer In attendance
Annie Hampson Officer In attendance
Paul Beckett Officer In attendance
Paul Monaghan Officer In attendance
Ian Hughes Officer In attendance
Iain Simmons Officer Expected
Tom Leathart Officer Expected
Bhakti Depala Officer In attendance
Peter Young Officer Expected
Alan Rickwood Officer Expected
Alexander Williams Officer Expected
COL - Events Council Staff Expected
Peter Kane Officer Expected
Bob Roberts Officer Expected
Gemma Stokley Officer In attendance
Joseph Anstee Secretary In attendance
Nick Bodger Officer In attendance
Clive Cornwell Officer In attendance
Simon Glynn Officer In attendance
Ted Rayment Officer In attendance
Gwyn Richards Public In attendance
Gordon Roy Officer In attendance
Ruby Sayed Committee Member In attendance
Craig Stansfield Public In attendance


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