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Wednesday, 27th November, 2019 1.45 pm, Safer City Partnership Strategy Group

Venue:   Committee Room - 2nd Floor West Wing, Guildhall

Contact:    Chris Rumbles 020 7332 1405

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Douglas Barrow Chairman Present
Peter Lisley Deputy Chairman Present
Gavin Stedman Committee Member Present
David Bulbrook Committee Member Present
Lisa Brown Committee Member Absent
Lee Presland Officer Expected
Stuart Webber Public Apologies
William Jordan Public Expected
David Maher Committee Member Expected
Bob Benton Committee Member Present
Andrew Carter Committee Member Expected
Alex Orme Officer In attendance
David MacKintosh Officer In attendance
COL - Events Council Staff Expected
Chris Pelham Officer In attendance
Oliver Bolton Officer Expected
Craig Spencer Officer Expected
Don Randall Committee Member Apologies
Mark Scott Officer Expected
Sarah Thomas Officer Expected
Tijs Broeke Co-Optee Present
Tim Wiseman Committee Member Absent
Alex Wrigley Committee Member Present
Sophie Anne Fernandes Committee Member Apologies
James Michael Douglas Thomson, Deputy Guest Apologies
Helen Isaac Committee Member Expected
Peter Davenport Officer In attendance
Lee Fitzjohn Officer In attendance
Claire Giraude Officer In attendance
Rachel Pye Officer In attendance
Oliver Shaw Officer In attendance
Alistair Sutherland Officer In attendance
Jess Wynne Officer In attendance
Patrick Brooks Committee Member Present


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