Agenda item

Gateway 3/4 - Tower Bridge Service Trenches Refurbishment

Report of the Director of the Built Environment.


Members considered a Gateway 3/4 report of the Director of the Built Environment regarding Tower Bridge Service Trenches Refurbishment. The Director of the Built Environment noted that asbestos was likely given the level of redundant pipework in the areas affected by the project.


RESOLVED, that Members,


·         Approve an additional budget of £40,000 for staff costs, fees, investigations and trial installations, to reach the next Gateway.

·         Note the revised project budget of £50,000(excluding risk).

·         Note the total estimated cost of the project at £425,000 (excluding risk).

·         Note that no Costed Risk Provision is requested at this stage, although £120,000 of costed risks against asbestos and contamination are identified in the Project Risk Register.  These will be reviewed at the next gateway following completion of investigations.

·         Approve Option 3 (Replace covers with bespoke lightweight ductile iron alternative, within existing seating frames).

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