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Gateway 2/3/4 - City Streets: Transportation response to support Covid-19 recovery (Phase 3)

Report of the Director of the Built Environment.


Please note this report’s appendices have been included as an agenda supplement.


Members considered a Gateway 2/3/4 report of the Director of the Built Environment regarding City Streets: Transportation response to support COVID-19 recovery (Phase 3) and the following points were made.


·         In response to a question, the Director of the Built Environment noted that phase 3 was a more localised phase compared to phases 1 and 2, in terms of its focus on areas within the City. Lessons learned from phases 1 and 2 included the need to be alert to changing government guidance, and the rate of return of the working population into the City.


·         A Member queried whether the City could consider issuing a consolidated impact assessment to City businesses that drew together various strands of information that the City was privy to e.g. information received from Transport for London.


RESOLVED, that Members,


·         Approve in principle the budget for Phase 3 to be a maximum of £650,500 subject to the confirmation of funding at Gateway 5.


·         Note the overall forecast project budget for all three phases is now £1,699,244 (excluding risk).


·         Note the proposal for a review report on all measures be submitted to committee after six months of the first measures being implemented (December 2020) (paragraphs 18-19).


·         Approve the principle of up to 1,900 new cycle parking locations, at a maximum cost of £82,000, split by:


o   a maximum of 50 car parking spaces within the City’s five car parks being reallocated to provide up to 500 cycle parking spaces (paragraphs 48-49).

o   a maximum of 81 on street parking bays/motorcycle bays to be reallocated to temporary cycle parking and/or seating as part of Phase 3 (paragraphs 50-55). This equates to a maximum 13% reduction in on-street parking bays to provide up to 650 cycle spaces.

o   and reallocation of other carriageway and possibly footway space to provide up to a further 650 spaces and potentially up to 100 spaces on private but publicly accessible land subject to necessary legal agreements and consents being obtained.


·         Approve the 12 seating/greening locations listed in table 2 in section 12 and the proposed interventions; and note the indicative total cost of £480,500 to deliver all of the interventions; and note that if full funding is not available to deliver all locations, they will be prioritised in the order shown.


·         Agree that the implications of approving recommendations 4 and 5 may be the possible reduction of up to £336K of parking income being transferred to the Parking Reserve Account (if the temporary measures are in place for six months)


·         Approve the procurement route to purchase of infrastructure to enable seating, greening and activation via the City Corporation’s Highways term contract, accepting an additional mark-up 8-10% on the total cost(paragraph 86).



·         Approve the proposal to introduce a “school street” which involves closing the street outside Charterhouse Square School during the school starting and finishing times using an Experimental Traffic Order, and if successful would be made permanent.


·         Agree to delegate approval for design, for making of Orders and Notices and related procedures and for implementation and operation for Phase 3 to the Director of the Built Environment in consultation with the Chair and Deputy Chairman of Planning & Transportation Committee and the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Streets & Walkways Sub Committee, subject to the receipt of funding.

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